Is an Egyptian company established and started in the Egyptian market in 2014 with a turnover of more than EGP 50 Million. We are focused on continuous improvement, WARNEX Pharma has a diversified portfolio, including pharmaceutical products, food supplements, retail business, and others.

WARNEX Pharma offers a vast array of innovative solutions and products to its diverse clientele to address the dynamic and complex requirements of the healthcare industry.

Our mission is to build a culture that enables us to shape the future of consumer healthcare services that is why we are in relentless pursuit of finding and investing in new technologies from all over the world to meet the region’s healthcare requirements.

Building on our success, our vision is to widen our scope across the broad spectrum in Healthcare Industry. We would continue to expand across the GCC markets and add value to our stakeholders.

We believe that Healthcare, though deemed as an ‘Industry’ is much more than that, we strongly believe that profit should be by product and not the aim in healthcare, which helps us to transcend into our core values of Compassion, Integrity and Reliability. In an exercise to serve all sections of society, we have rolled out different brands with varying price bands.

Today, it is this philosophy that drives us in everything we do. We believe in creating lasting relationships with our staff, partners and consumers, building relationships based on honesty and trust, relationships that thrive. It’s what motivates us to constantly find new ways to exceed the expectations of our partners and customers, finding ever better ways of building stronger relationships.

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To be a Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical market leader in Middle East and Africa, while being acknowledged among the top 50 leading corporates in the Egyptian pharmaceutical industry.
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To improve the health and lives of millions in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa by promoting and developing the latest, safest and most effective nutraceutical
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Dr. Ahmed Anwar

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Dr. Ahmed Bahnas

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Dr. Osama Gaber

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Dr. Abdou Hossam

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